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req: link torrent priority to bandwidth allocation


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Rather than (or in addition to) having the option of placing a specific upload cap on non-prioritized torrents, have an option to adjust the bandwidth allocation to the generic "low" setting when the non-prioritizing criteria are met. This would allow more general bandwidth management in a variety of situations when a specific cap might not be appropriate, e.g., when there are very many or very few active torrents, or when bandwidth restrictions placed by the scheduler would override any specific caps anyway.

Also a visual indication of individual bandwidth allocation settings would be great. Another column (oh no!), or something appended to an existing column the same way a "forced" torrent has [F] displayed. This would be especially useful in the case where one has made manual adjustments to individual torrents, but would also serve as a nice bit of feedback when torrents meet the non-priority criteria and are adjusted automatically.

Thanks for your consideration, and especially thanks for creating such a fine piece of software.

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