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Manually set max upload rates not remembered (if seeding goal limits)


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If you have an upload rate limit for torrents that have reached the seeding goal ratio, manually set upload rates for individual torrents of this category are not remembered after restarts.

Note: I don't think manual configurations for individual torrents should be kept and passed on from downloading through to seeding and/or when reached the seeding goal - they should automatically switch to global settings - but things that are manually set for individual torrents in a certain state should always be remembered, however.

For clarity and conformity, maybe the "Overide default settings" at the Torrent properties window could be changed to include rates as well, not only ratio, and default values greyed out? Something like this:


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I experienced the same thing I suppose:

I set upload limit to X kB/s for a specific torrent then change it later to Y kB/s. After stopping and restarting this torrent the value has changed back to X. Or sometimes even to a completely different value. Only happens for some of the torrents. If it does happen, I can repeat the phenomenon as many times as I like. Only seems to happen to torrents on seed. If I stop this torrent, the correct value remains - it's not before I re-start it, that it changes value.

Note: I use uT 1.6 on Win98SE and had ~10 uploads then.

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