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2 computers- Linksys 10/100 switch, a 1.5Mb DSL Modem and problem.


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Okay kids, Granny has a problem the younger minds might be able to fix.

I have two compters connected to a Linksys 10/100 Switch, 'In port 1' is un-usable in this application as it turns itself off, so ports '2' and '4' are connected with RJ45 direct cables to the two computers.

The Uplink from the Linksys has a RJ45 direct cable going to the 'Ethernet' port to the GT701WG Wireless (not around here it isn't!) 1.5Mb DSL Modem, with a 4 wire special telephne line going from the 'line in port' to the wall phone outlet.

Let me just say, that yes it is all plugged in and getting the electricity they require.

I was able to set the computers up so that they both can get on the net, even at the same time.

I installed this 'new improved "utorrent" version 1.6' on both--- yes the other thread, but that is okay now. I hope.

Problem is I wish to use Computer A for the bigger torrents and Computer B with less memory on the smaller torrents so that when I am cooking/cleaning I just have to glance at it. But, it will not download/upload very well (about.03kb/s when it did try), I have to change ports constantly, WinMe, (the OS on both) says in "B" that it don't want to allow anything, even when I did all the same tweaking optimizing and all that Computer B. This is with Computer A off. I wish to have them both on at times.

Can I get them both to work properly and download/upload as they shoud? And if so, how? What do I need to do? Directions please.

This is what it looks like:


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There are both in the green. In the meantime, one gets a good size download/upload and the other is as slow as a dial-up with a 56k modem when they are both on-- So that tells me I better double check the ports like you say. Any suggestions on how to do so when both computers have the same information as IP/Gateway?etc in them?

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My younger son played with the computers last night while I slept, this is what he reports on the problem:

For Room 'A' sometimes a yellow and sometimes a red forward port notice.

I have both computers in each room have/use different ports. After I shutdown computer 'B', I set computer 'A' to use the exact same port that the one used and it worked perfectly. I was able to map the port no problem and start downloading in the 50-100kb/s range.

But this only worked for about 10-30 min, then I got yellow again at the bottom, after a bit of trying to randomize the port again, it went back to red and hasn't changed since.

Room 'B' only has to randomize the port a few times and then I get green and it ports perfectly.

(computer 'A' I can randomize for hours, I did once, and every time it was not forwarding properly, at all?)

With these settings, I download about an average of 0.5 - 30 Kb/s (it spiked a few tiems above 35, but not much.

End of his report.

I do know that I have had to stop all torrents in the room I use (A) since he is getting about 65kb/s down now, as 'A' just bluescreens again. I did set both computers to having only 1 down/up at a time, but I think he changed it as I checked and he has 2 going now, which means the other computer can do nothing while he sleeps now.

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Well, I haven't been able to do a thing with computer A.

Reason, the older son of mine who had to go back to work by 9 a.m. today upgraded me to that Xerographic Parasite system and took all the OS disks I owned with him, including the one he used to ugrade without my consent.

So I need to figure out how to get it operating properly without freezing, and having to be restarted, place all my programs in, find my torrent files, and other stuff that hopefully will have been copied off for me, and I'll get back at you tomorrow.

Yes, I will re-read the speed guide and the config/etc files now for this semi-operating system.

Thanks anyway.

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If anyone cares to check this, I did not get that computer to work again, as it will never work ever. I did however get a new computer tower, and am configuring it now. Up speed is 712 kbps or 89 kbs, so that would be about 80 kbs's for max upload, right?

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