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Speeds Suddenly dropped on mac

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 I use utorrent as my routine torrent client on mac. Since few day (mostly after the sierra update, I am not sure) the torrent speed on my mac has slowed down to a severe extent. I was constantly getting aroun 4-5 Mbps speed Now it has dropped down to just 100 kbps, it doesnt go beyond that.

this is the issue only with my particular mac. other people on the same network for the same file get good speeds (3-4 mbps) constantly. I am not getting this at all. I watched some videos on you tube, it did not help, I restarted my laptop, it didnt help. I uninstalled the client and reinstalled the latest version. still the same problem. Is it the problem with my ip or so?

what can I do to get my speeds back?

please help!! 

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