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scheduling a torrent/finer control over seeding

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I have searched the forums but have not hit upon any exact thread with the same discussion, so feel free to point me in that direction if you know of one! :)

OK...what I am suggesting...

Ability to schedule a torrent, not QUEUE by setting one after the other, etc, schedule it say at so-and-so time.


Say the time is 12:20 and I have a torrent downloading...which I know will definitely finish by say, 13:20 tops.

I don't want the next guy (torrent :) ) to start immediately but say start at 14:00

The part about finer control over seeding is to override my whatever seeding settings and seed from "finish time" (~13:20) till the next guy (14:00) at infinite seeding and then drop back to the whatever value I have set.


Is it that the whole seeding settings have me really confused (it is already possible)???

Any help would be appreciated.



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