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Not running, Can't Uninstall, Can't install


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Hi, I've been having some issues with utorrent, and I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I then downloaded and ran avast free antivirus software. I went on easter vacation. My windows 10 then updated. Now, utorrent will not run by 1) clicking on the desktop shortcut, 2) clicking on the actual exe file in appdata or 3) clicking on an existing .torrent file 4) (obviously) downloading a magnet link. I tried uninstalling: I see it in both CCleaner and Windows Settings but when clicking to unistall, it asks whether I allow thie program to make changes, I say yes, then one circle with the little waiting icon thing and nothing happens. I then tried downloading a new install file and that does the same as uninstalling.

I checked task manager and utorrent is running there, and no process by utorrent or bit torrent, or any one that I don't recognize. 

I have a premium account. I never had these issues when utorrent was free and small. but it's happening all the time. Fourth time this year (2017) but this is the worst, not even able to uninstall now.

I was going to brute uninstall using the hkey, but I try to leave the registry alone if possible and would rather check here first. I didn't see anything with these symptoms in the past year. I'd appreciate some help.   

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