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Very Strange Timing of Attack


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So, ive been torrenting for about 8 years now and have never had an issue before this. But, last night I left my utorrent up all night to help with my ratio on audionews. Of couse I also use a paid subscription of pia to protect myself. Or at least I thought I did. This morning when I woke up my internet was not working. So I called my isp and asked if the internet was down. This is when they informed me that apparently I was DDOS attacked and because of this they had to cut my internet off for a full 24 hours. Omg, I am so pissed and feel super violated. 

Because I don't know anything about dos or ddos attacks my question is this. Could my ISP provider just think I was being ddos attacked because I was seeding so many downloads? Like I said I was working on my ratio which is really hard to increase sometimes on Audionews, so I was seeding about 30 files that really needed to be seeded to help out. The other piece to this was I was using my pia vpn so how did they see anything. I am just so confused about this whole this and almost scared to torrent again once I get my internet back tomorrow.

Heck I'm affraid of this whole situation at this point. And I can't stand the fact that a service I paid a ton of money for was taken away from me and I have no idea how it happened or even why I was targeted. 

On a side note I heard some where that gamers get targeted but I'm not really a gamer. I do play second live all the time, but I play to have fun and have never got into it with anyone or pissed anyone off. So not sure why I was singled out. This whole situation has me super confused. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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