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Is it going to be possible to run the whole uTorrent as a service and use the WebUI to administer it? Or if not, is it going to be possible to use it with FireDaemon?

Also, is there ANY information as to when the WebUI is coming out? Sorry to nag but i am running my torrent client on a Win2k3 which has no fast user switching so it must run as a service which means it needs a WebUI, and i really want to start using uTorrent.

Thank you in advance

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I guess for running as a service it is the same if i use FireDaemon then.

Well, do you need any help with the WebUI testing? ;P I am a web developer (HTML, PHP, JS\VBS, some XML and ASP) as well as a programmer (C++ and Pascal), maybe i can help a bit and get my hands on the WebUI a little earlier too =)


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