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uTorrent for dummies help needed.


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I used to use bit torrent - had problems, erased it.

Now I'm using uTorrent - my seeding problems have gone away, but now I can't download (I must not have something set right).

Help. Here's what I get:

I've found a music torrent I want at say, dimeadozen, so I click on the "download" like I used to with bit torrent, and it would (with bit torrent) start downloading, etc.

With uTorrent it asks me to "open/save/or cancel" - if I hit open, I get the following error:

"C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE%\6RONEXIL\xxxxxx.torrent"

Invalid Menu Handle

If I try going to file>add torrent from url - after I add the url address and hit okay, it starts to work then gives me an "invalid torrent file!" error.

What am I doing wrong?


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