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Port Forwarding with Bit Defender 9 IS?


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I use uTorrent quite a lot but when i use my Bit Defender firewall the indications sign at the bottom of uTorrent is always yellow (the downloads still work but I fear not as good as they could) because the port forward test shows BD is blocking it...

When I use Windows Firewall the indicator turns green, I opened port 60065 on windows firewall (Not realising it would be permanently open not just for uTorrent) and got infected severley with vundo etc. and had to format Laptop and reinstall windows...

Now I would like to set up the port forwarding in bit defender but i try and try and cant get it to work

I dont want to keep switching over each time i use uTorrent as Bit Defender Firewall is more powerfull and safer (perhaps)

Can any one tell me how to do it please?


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I have fixed the problem and ive NEVER had any confliction with Bit Defender AND uTorrent,

The problem was fixed by switching on and off both firewalls and using the port forwarding test and all of a sudden it went green when BD firewall was on, I even restarted the system and still go so any1 with similiar probs just goto test site open windows firewall, switch from 1 to other whilst testing port each time (about 4 times for me including trying both on together) until it was green just on BD, I then went to firewall test sites just to be sure it wasn't corrupt and the rest of the ports were invisible (blocked) so my firewall was fine

I think it has something to do with network connections as when you inistall BD it install the firewall filter in the Network connections and i think BD may have an unseen issue there.... I will report it to them

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