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AOL -> 1MB Broadband... are these settings ok?


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some feedback and some advice if any. I've read about 40 or so posts here so far, and tried most, if not all.

I've installed the patch from the german site, but haven't seen any increase of speeds here. I'm lucky to get past 20kbp/s.

I'm on a winXp system, using AOL, that uses PPPPOE.

These are the results I've got from the speed test.

dslreports.com speed test result on 2006-07-28 11:02:10 EST:

848 / 233

Your download speed : 848 kbps or 106 KB/sec.

That is 53% worse than an average user on aol.com

Your upload speed : 233 kbps or 29.1 KB/sec.

That is 25% worse than an average user on aol.com

PS: Welcome to dslreports.com! Run more tests! see forums


1. Your Tweakable Settings:

Receive Window (RWIN): 40800

Window Scaling: 0

Path MTU Discovery: ON

RFC1323 Window Scaling: ON

RFC1323 Time Stamping: ON

Selective Acks: ON

MSS requested: 1360


(less any hops behind firewall)


TTL remaining: 118

TOS/TOS subfield: 0



2. Test 50321 byte download

Actual data bytes sent: 50321

Actual data packets: 38

Max packet sent (MTU): 1400

Max packet recd (MTU): 1400

Retransmitted data packets: 0

sacks you sent: 0

pushed data pkts: 4

data transmit time: 0.908 secs

our max idletime: 8519.0 ms

transfer rate: 5231 bytes/sec

transfer rate: 41 kbits/sec

This is not a speed test!

transfer efficiency: 100%


3. ICMP (ping) check

Minimum ping: 91.56 ms

Maximum ping: 94.39 ms

Ping stability:

93.21 94.39 92.57 92.74 91.56 92.25 92.67 92.79 92.85 93.15


What do I need to do to increase my speeds. I hear of some ppl that have like 5000/1000 or so, I guess they're using a 8MB connection or something?

Any way, any help most appreciated.



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Thanks for the reply... but what else can I do to get faster speeds on this thing, 20kB/s here ;(


Merged double post(s):

Never mind, now getting speeds of 75/80kB/s now... :)



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