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Well seeded on DHT/Pex wont download & Port forwarding


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I have a torrent that shows 31 seeds, 14 peers on DHT and 35/35 on pex. (Trackers tab). On the info tab it says Seeds: 0 of 35 connected (0 in swarm) and Peers: 14 of 35 connected (30 in swarm). It's been stuck at 87% for 3 weeks. uTorrent is happily uploading, but won't download.

Might the issue be that I had randomized my port each start and have not set up port forwarding?

With regards to port forwarding; there are 4 of 10 PCs here that run uTorrent. If I port forward to my PC won't that capture all p2p traffic, including traffic destined for other PCs? I don't understand port forwarding that well so I think it's time I learned, so any guidance is greatly appreciated.

I also typically don't run uPnP port mapping because it's been said that it's not secure. But I've tried it and it doesn't improve the situation.

I also typically rely on DHT/PEX/LPD, after I read a post here about adding trackers makes it easier for people to track me (excuse the pun). But I've tried adding a bunch of trackers too and that doesn't improve the situation. I haven't actually configured port forwarding in case it breaks other people's downloads, just want to be sure before I go and fiddle with the router.

I've done some reading before I posted here, but I'm still not clear on how port forwarding works in an environment where there are multiple p2p clients.




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