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Cannot (re)download (recheck hashes) after hanged uTorrent


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Hello, I've got this problem often. uTorrent hangs (as Win8.1 often does it), and computer restarts, uTorrent process is "killed" etc, so some info (I suspect) is being broken/corrupted about downloaded torrents/files...


In short: I added 4 BIG torrents - sizes are: 29 GB, 19 GB, 18 GB, and 8 GB. 

downloaded a lot, then computer hanged (I went to sleep, and came beck - uTorrent is hanged, could only restart)...


After I restarted, opened uTorrent - it tried to check the 4 downloads, and showed strange info (see attached picture) - 

it shows wrong status, that it is "all downloaded", while actual downloaded size is Gigabytes less than total size of torrents!

I wonder that I can't force restart recheck torrents hashes.... it simply started seeding, but I don't see why it doesn't want to download additional Gigabytes till "Downloaded size == Total size"? 

for strange reason it says that all files are downloaded, but then why oh why Total torrents size is bigger than my downloaded size?

if my downloaded sizes are smaller than total sizes, then where are those additional; files lost? it is very strange!

i mean: i expect that if my downloaded sizes are less than total sizes, it must allow to download missing gigabytes, untill downloaded sizes = total sizes of torrents, isn't it what it supposed to be?

is there a way to force uTorrent to check all hashes? to recalc all hashes, and find missing gigabytes?

my uTorrent version is 3.5.5


or, is it expected right behaviour and I misunderstood something my own wrong way?


please clarify this, as I face this again and again, and have no idea what the heck is going on ...

it seems nonsense, like in formula "8=10" or "9=10" etc etc... 

(by the way, when I was adding torrents, I didn't uncheck any files/folders, and did "check all" for downloading from torrent)...

it si all very very strange... ;-( 

!!! uTorrent cant download bug report.png

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