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uTorrent always write something on disk c


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I used another programm for torrentfor a long time a nd now i decided to use uTorrent.

After installation and adding 1 torrent i faced a problem. uTorent always writes sometging on disk c while all torrents are stoped. Only if i close uTorrent it stop writing. If i start uTorrent, it starts writing again.  I tried to move uTorrent from disk c to another. It didn't help. It always use 55-70% percent (5MB/s) of disk c.

I tried uTorrent on my notebook and it works fine (no usage of disk c).

I checked all preferencec, but didn't find any options what can cause this problem.

Update: After notebook updates to the latest 3.5.5 (Build 45852) there is the same problem. But there is ~37% of usage (~2.5-2.7MB/s).

Update 2: Tried some old versions. Version 3.5.5 (Build 45505) works fine and doesn't use disk c.


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