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"Selected Size" resets after relaunching the application


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Hi, this is my first report of a uTorrent issue I am facing for Windows application.

Whenever I download selected files from a torrent, it works good in initial launch of the app. But when I pause the download and restart uTorrent application, either right after closing or after a while, the files that I chose not to download start to download, and the file priority also seems to reset. However, in the "files tab" when I reprioritize any file, the problem fixes, but occurs again after relaunching the application.

Further I observed that the "selected size" and "size" values for that torrent become same after opening the application, if there are selected files present and torrent download paused. They become unequal when, as mentioned above, I reprioritize any file. In my knowledge there are four priority values for a file: Low, Medium, High, and Skip.

The problem is that the "skip" files are also downloading, and the application doesn't follow file priorities among high-medium-low.


I hope that I have made myself clear.

Thanks in advance for trying to help me with this issue.

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