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Question about connected users


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Hey guys!


I've been in this thing for a few months now and I'm having some trouble. The first few weeks I've made 7k BTT on one drop and from 2 months now I've barely managed to get 1300 BTT. I haven't changed anything in the way I seed or use the platform except maybe one thing that I'm not sure is connected about the RAM usage I saw from a reddit post here. After that I have a feeling a haven't seen a single drop, but at least uTorrent isn't slowing my PC down to unusable levels. 

My question is that I think I found a correlation that my connected BTT users drop really low for no obvious reason. I've had as much as 350 connected BTT users but from at least a month as that is when I started tracking it, it goes up to 100/150 when I add a new torrent and then it goes really low around 20. And it stays around 20 until I add a new torrent which after 15ish minutes goes down again. I think it's really messing up the entire experience of this project for me when it just drops my connections.

Would love to hear from someone, thank you in advance!

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