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re-routing the stoopid router


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My goal maybe hopeless but I thought I would ask for help to see if anyone knows how to "go around" my problem. I don't have access to the routers so I am unable to forward any ports boo-hoo =( I can't reset the routers. BUT I am able to unplug the ethernet cable going into the router. So I plugged that into my computer but I got limited connectivity and was unable to pull up any webpages. Let me see if i can draw a picture

|router|-------|white wall box|-------->cable to cieling


--------->D-Link ethernet Switch



I tried doing this:

Computer<-------|white wall box|-------->cable to cieling

and got: limited connectivity.

Anyone got any ideas?

My current DL speed is 3.5 kB/s Down and 0.0 kB/s Up (I have it set to 20)

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