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uTorrent doesnt let me Browse the net fast..


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In the last couple of weeks when I have had uTorrent open not seeding not downloading it has made my internet connection slow. Because I wasnt doing anythin with it I just closed it so I could have normal internet speeds. But when I just want to seed the same problem also happens. It had never happened before. It would allow me to seed and keep my Internet browsing at close to top speed.

Anything I can do in uTorrents settings or anythin at all?

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Personally, that if I don't limit upload speed (while only seeding) browsing becomes a little slower. You can try playing around with the upload speed limits and see how that effects your browsing speed.

For me, if i leave about about an extra 20kB/s that's plenty enough.

64kB max upload

Normally limit to 51kB/s (80% of 64kB)

So take 20kB from that, leaves 31kB/s max upload speed.

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