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Windows Updates and uTorrent Info


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After running a bunch of recent Windows XP updates, uTorrent would no longer connect, or would connect slowly, and only transfer at about 2kb. All other windows apps would connect, and transfer files as normal. I resolved the issue by repatching the tcpip.sys file with the Lvllord version. I did not try the tcpip.sys file located in I386, so I am not sure if that would have fixed the problem also. Just thought I would share this information for people who are having issue with connecting. I am wondering though, what is Windows Update doing with the tcpip.sys file, that it is only affecting uTorrent? I am assuming it has to do with the net.max_halfopen settings in uTorrent that I changed, which will not work with the normal XP tcpip.sys file, that Windows replaced when runnings its updates.

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