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Torrents won't download unless in Force Start Mode


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Hi, I've been using uTorrent successfully for about a month now... I've just started my 4th torrent, it will however not download unless I set it to Force Start mode. I'm using a scheduler, which seeds between 11am to 12 midnight everyday and downloads at full speed all other times. Currently it is 12.20 am here and the availability is showing .001 (which is the amount I've downloaded). The rest is completely red.

I leave uTorrent running in the background whenever the computer is on, but this is not helpful if the torrent does not download during the times when I am not at the computer (I usually spend most of my computer time during seeding time).

Any help would be appreciated,


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Um, dont think there's anything about the tracker on the general tab, however this is what I have set:

Language = English

Check for updates automatically = false (not checked)

Confirm when deleting torrents = true (checked)

Show confirmation dialog on exit = false

Close to tray = false

Always show tray icon = true

Show balloon notifications in tray = true

minimize to tray = true

single click on tray icon to open = false

always activate when clicked = true

alternate list background color = false

show current speed in the title bar = false

show graphical progress bar = true

show speed limits in the status bar = false

check association on startup = true

start utorrent on system startup = false

I'm not quite sure how to patch the TCPIP.sys. I know how to disable/enable the DHT, but that does not help.

Oh, and I had deleted the tracker for the torrent as well. Perhaps this is needed for this particular torrent?


EDIT: I've now reset the tracker on the torrent, but am still waiting for any peers to connect.

EDIT: Also, I know the availability cannot be 0, as in force start mode the (current) availability is 5 and rising.

EDIT: I have the DHT enabled, however in the transfer section it says that 0 out of 1 seeds are connected, 0 out of 64 peers are connected, and that the DHT status is "inactive".

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