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bad hashes and snubbing: can i make my client a little more forgiving?

tinfoil hatter

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I seem to be getting a lot of 3 seeders at 100%, no other peers and no downloading at all. A lot of them seem to be in Poland.

As I understand it if the client gets 5 bad groups form a peer he bans it, and if a peer refuses 5 requests it gets snubbed.

A) is this correct?

B) The recheck on snubbed seeders is apparently something like every 10 sec or more. Would it be more effective with heavily hit seeders when there are few peers to perhaps check in a little more often to see if they're open? Is it possible to set this?

C) If you're picking up a torrent from someone with a bad connection isn't something better than nothing if it's all there is? If so is there any way to change this sttig too?

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if u are no downloading from other peers, most probably means they arent getting any good pieces from those seeders either, so u are just gonna keep downloading and downloading the same pieces until ur connection dies, most probably means a poisoned torrent

c) depends what u mean by somethen, i mean if it is a single file, and u are not gonna get the whole thing, then how could that be good?

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