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Speed problems - something to do with the wireless network?


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Just put a new wireless network, and have been having problems with the speed since then. I have no idea whether I have to change anything in terms of portforwarding in the wireless router settings too. But I'll try to stick with the format.

1) I don't get a "Network OK" message. I get a red ball with an exclamation mark with "Not Connectable" as the message followed by something about the firewall or router messing things up.

2) Network Type: DSL, Upload: 256kbps, Download: 256kbps(day), 512kbps (night).

3) OS: Windows XP Pro SP2, Wireless Router: Buffalo Airstation WHR-G54S connected to a Beetel 220BX DSL Router.

4) I am just using Windows XP firewall but have made sure that utorrent has been added to the exceptions.

5) Portforwarding unfortunately is something I am not getting a hang of... my speeds were good while I just connected straight to the Beetel 220BX (port-forwarding was successful) but now with the wireless connection connected to it, I am not sure what I am supposed to change if anything. The 4-5 things I tried all fail to forward the port successfully.

6) AFAIK my ISP does not do any malicious traffic shaping. It definitely does not block torrent or p2p traffic, and am pretty sure it does not slow it down either.

Please Help!!

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that is the specific page containing step by step port forwarding of your router for Utorrent

To setup port forwarding on this router your computer needs to have a static ip address, so make sure you have done that first :)


hope that helps you out

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