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"Save-As:" displays the wrong file


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I often use single file torrents, and sometimes need to change the filename to something different from the one pecified in the .torrent to make sense of it (f.ex. 1.avi isn't helpful ;) ).

Of course I use "Add Torrent (no default save)..." for that, but then on the "General" tab the "Save As: [path&filename]" is wrong, it doesn't display the filename I set but the one specified in the .torrent (the directory of course is the right one). µtorrent correctly uses the manualy set filename though.

btw: A button for that no default save would be nice too, the other options from the menu (normal, url, create) have one as well, why not this one?

EDIT: The same applies to the "name" column, shouldn't this display the actual filename or maybe just the torrent name?



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