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Send files to a few friend needing some help before I do this.


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Hello, I have many large files this I wish to send to many of my friends at one time with make utorrent per-fit because I can superseed it and have all my friends help upload the files to each other using bit torrent. But I have a quick question about this. I know I will need a track and since I I only wish for my friends to have the files I am ring to send, because it is picture and video's of us and there are allot of them how would I do this? I also do not wish to use a site bandwidth if I do not wish to share with everyone there. Will I have to make my own tracker or can utorrent do this for me? Or will DHT do this for me but there are not going to be allot of people downloading this torrent somewhere like 4 to 6 people and not all of them use utorrent. Of course I use utorrent. Thanks and have a good day.

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