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New seeding priority system question


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the seeding priority system has been redesigned and now features a global setting in the options for ratio and seeding time as well as a local one in the properties of each torrent. When first launching this was reset to 150% in the global options, which I changed to 110% for me. Only later I noticed the new local setting, which was not changed and still showed 150%.

now the question: Which of these settings is the used one? Is the global setting only a sort of template that gets applied whenever I add a new torrent is added? I would prefer it if you could place a checkbox in the properties dialog to enable the local settings (or leaving them empty uses the global setting)

Well, mainly I'd like to know what is used now (I manualy changed the value on all torrents for now, took quite some time though...)



BTW: Keep up the great work!

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