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The search are not link with my browser...


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Hi everybody..! Thanks to this nice group who did that great software..It is very very good and I've tried a few before this one and never get what I get with this one..I would like to say ''before starting my question'' that I'm not

english I'm french, so thank you to understand that I may make some mistake in writing this..8-))...Ok...I never had

any trouble in any case with ''Utorrent'' and I use the 1.6 version now, but I dont know why and It's why I came here

to ask, but I'm not able to use my search engine in Utorrent anymore..even my upgrade link does'nt work anymore..

When I try to seach It does'nt open any of my two browser, and I use Internet Explorer 6 Upgrade and Opera 8.54

who is my prefered one..Can you tell me where I can fix it and why is this appen...Thank you very much for everything you've done so far...Roger...:)

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