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Problem in uploading


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I m uploading some softwares , In the start every thing goes fine , but now i m facing a strange problem. when i upload any software , when other downloading my file they all get stuck at 99.8% , my utorrent shows that I m uploading whereas people do not get the data , I m uploading at 20-25kb/s. my files are below 100 MB.

I m using the default setting of utorrent , only thing which i have changesd is port, i m using the port 52164. I m on proxy server but i think proxy server do not interfere,

will some one help me that y people are downloading at good speed but when they reaches at 99.8% , why they get stuck at this percentage.

plz help needed urgently because many people are waiting to download my files.

is this the problem of utorrent setting or any other problem.

thanx and bye

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Are you sure your data isn't corrupt? Force a recheck. What router are you using? And are you sure their copy of the .torrent file isn't corrupt? Have you tested the exact .torrent file they're using (by downloading from the server they got it from, and naturally, after backing up your current .torrent file)?

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thanx for your reply, i have just use the "Force a recheck" option and it shows 99.9% instead of 100%. why its so, why its not showing the 100%,

btw the file is in .rar and now when i tried to uncompressed it , it shows error.

y this happens to me.

i m a newbie and any kind help is highly apprecieated.


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