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Ports forwarded, but Utorrent says they aren't.


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I've done plenty of portforwarding before, but something still isn't working.

I'm using a Fon enabled Linksys router WRT54GS

it says states that my protocol is tcp and it states my router and port, butwhen I use utorrent's test page, or try using utorrent itself it says that it's not forwarded properly.

I've trie also creating two firewall rules one for tcp and one for udp, but that didn't work either.

Yes I have a static IP setup, No I don't have any other firewalls blocking it. If you're unfamilliar with Fon routers, here's the portforwarding.com site showing the same setup I already have.


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I used that program and here are the results

TEST 1 - Operating System Support - PASSED

TEST 2 - SSDP Service Running Check - PASSED

TEST 3 - SSDP Service Automatic Check - FAILED

TEST 4 - UPnPHost Service Running Check - FAILED

TEST 5 - UPnPHost Service Automatic Check - FAILED

TEST 6 - UPnP Framework Firewall Exception Check - PASSED

TEST 7 - Adapter #0 - "My IP" - FAILED

TEST 8 - Get External IP Address - FAILED

UPnP Test Program v1.15 Copyright Mark Gillespie 2005

Bugs/Comments to: mark.gillespie@gmail.com

Please do not email me UPnP support requests. I will not answer them.

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I basically have the exact same problem as TheSchwa is with his port rounting. I understand a shit load of stuff about all this shit and still I have no idea what to do now.

I have set up a Static IP and unblocked uTorrent from my firewall(hell I turned the firewall off) I have set up the ports on my router and my computer. Still yet utorrent does not recognize the port.

The light(that no one seems to know about) is yellow...which means I am not recieveing any communication from the server/internet or utorrent etc...

I think my ISP is blocking certian P2P programs utorrent included

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