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Port forward: application not listed in 'available rules'


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Hi all,

Just got utorrent up and kinda running... It's slow. I tested the port in the speed guide and it says: "Port 10005 does not appear t be open".

So I checked the portforward tutorial and went through all the steps (I'm using a netcomm nb1 modem)... I've put all the details into the port forward settings, applied them...

BUT when it says to add the application to the 'Available rules' utorrent is NOT listed to add.

So I go through all the port forward setup but can't add utorrent to the available rules. I think this is why I'm having trouble...

Anyone got any ideas on this as I'm stuck with a d/l speed of around 4 or 5 k.

Also: I'm using Zone alarm but have allowed utorrent access. Windows firewall is turned off.

Thanks in advance.


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