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ARGGHH! Whats Wrong Now?!


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I eventually got port forwarded through SSH using putty ( I dont know what they are exactly, I just followed some online guides) but I still get problems accessing bittorrent trackers. I cannot connect to anything and this is what it says in the log

UDP Port Bind failed

Unable to map UPnP port.

what should I do? I am using the university network which blocks out Bittorrent(although they have no right to since BT can be used legally)



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Who says your university has no right? It's their network, they decide what goes in and out, and it's perfectly legitimate. You don't own the network, so you don't decide the rules. In any case, if you can't forward your ports manually, there's not much you can do in the first place. I don't think tunnelling through SSH is of any help (though I'm not really too sure, as I've never dealt with it).

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