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been using utorrent for quite some time now and had no trouble at all...untill.

I recently had to perform a format c action because things got kinda constipated on my machine. During this a had my downloaded files folder and seeding folder untouched because they where on a different physical drive in my machine.

So I figured when I reinstall utorrent again after the format and make sure utorrent finds my folders to seed from and to leech to agian this will work fine...

But 'au contraire' it fails to seed, to leech, while i got my ports forwarded properly (thats what the wizard tells me). I got it set at the right speed but just NOTHING happens. The first time I installed this beautifull app it went just like that...but now it is all messed up!

Anyone..please advice upon this matter

Thanks in advance

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mainly proaudio apps torrents, and some music (mainly albums from pyrotorrents). But if I try to dl some new torrents they dont start. THey instandly go to stopped in the dl window.

Did not know I had to re-download them again to get them to go seeding again...do I need to dl them from the original site again, or do I just reload them again from my saved torrent files folder? (this was on the other physical drive by the way, so they did not get lost)


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