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optimizing utorrent's upload speeds on a DSL connection


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I've been using utorrent for awhile and have been trying to improve my ratio.

So in trying to do that I've tried uncapping my upload speed from within utorrent.

However when utorrent is set this way my download speed gets cut in half or

more if I'm running full speed on downloads. My DSL line is 1.5Mbps downstream,

384kbps upstream.

So to keep my download speed up I've been having to limit both my upstream and

downstream speeds in utorrent. My upload is set to 220kbps, my download to 1Mbps.

Global max connections is set to 130, connected peers/torrent is 70, slots up per torrent

is 3, max active torrents is 5, max active downloads is 5.

Are there any settings I can change to improve my upload speed while not handicapping

my download speed?


On an another ratio question, does it matter ratio-wise if I, after a torrent download completes:

--close utorrent

--copy the download file to another location

--leve the original download file and torrent untouched

--reopen utorrent and continue to seed

I have plenty of diskspace to do this, but I don't want to hurt my ratio.


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