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RSS shows positive d/l in "history" but no torrent ?! why


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Weird, I have set up "xxx yyy" as a favorite:

Filter: xxx yyy*

Quality: HDTV

rest is blank except "smart ep filter" but I have never dl'ed this file

the filter shows a positive snatching in the history tab (parsing ok) but NO torrent to be found!

Can someone tell me what's going on?

BTW the feed - IS - working, so it is unusual behaviour here :) and yes I have enough space on my hard drive ;)

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ok I made some other try and it did work on 3 other torrents normally so I would suspect previously somthing like a timeout when trying to download the torrent.

Would that be possible to set up uTorrent to be a bit more "patient" ;) by allowing longer timeout or retries?

Any way to log this type of activities for debugging purposes?

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Up ...

Just to ask if there is any plan to update/fix RSS so that:

1) torrent does not show as downloaded if was not (for instance when the tracker load is high)

2) a mechanism of "retry" could be implemented?

RSS almost works great but with high load tracker, it doesnt :)

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