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µTorrent behaviour question


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Alright, I admit it. I'm a flippin' numb-skull. But now I've gone and forgot to save the actual .torrent file for two very slow downloads, and it's taking like Forever to get them completed. My question is this:

If I close µTorrent and shutdown my machine WITHOUT having the *.torrent file actually saved locally, will it remember what it was downloading the next time it is opened or will I lose all that I have started? I mean, we're talking days of downloading, since it is dragging at a painful <5kB/s, and estimating ETA of ∞ (infinity, aka FOREVER).

Let me know BEFORE I go mad and shutdown, please!

If it will kill my downloaded pieces and make it nearly impossible to pickup where left off, then I will just have to suffer, but I want to know before I learn the hard way.

Thanks in advance y'all.


:D dirtycar74

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Hi Dirtycar74,

I use uTorrent in combo with IE all the time, when clicking on a torrent link instead of saving the torrent i just click on open. So the torrent isnt really saved anywhere apart from the IE Temp dir which I usually empty.

You can check to see if your uTorrent saves a version of the torrent file in its application data by visiting on your machine:

Document and Settings \ Your user profile \ Application Data \ uTorrent

you may have to show hidden files

Look for your torrent file, if it is there you should have no problem shutting your machine down and it to continue from where it left off.


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