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Questions on seed/queued seed management


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(This is the closest post I found that is semi-related to my question: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6840 It didn't really clear anything up. However, it did illustrate that some people can be nasty if they don't understand the point you are trying to make, so please be kind. My apologies if I didn't find all the correct combinations of words to find other posts more relevant.)

At one point, I had my settings to allow 10 active torrents. I had, at the time, queued 10 torrents to download. Once they were all finished, I started seeing some network problems. So I tried lowering the active torrent limit to 4. I watched as six of the 10 torrents became queued and the others continued their seeding. I was seeing times like 6hrs, 1d, etc. for the ones that were actively seeding.

Now, when I got home from work to check the seeds, I had noticed that the numbers I saw in the morning for time left hadn't changed much, like an hour or so. Oddly, those files that had been seeding were now queued and four previously queued files were now seeding. I continued to watch further and right before my eyes, I saw one torrent switch from seeding to queued even though there were plenty of peers and not very many seeds (2, compared to a minimum of 10 for all the rest).

What's going on here? Why didn't the seeds that were active finish before moving on to the queued seeds? Would someone mind explaining? This seems like a simple/standard feature of other clients, why not uTorrent?



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