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I'm New - Is my upload speed correct?


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I'm new to all this and though I've read the FAQ and many of the forum threads, I would like a direct answer to a specific question by people who know what they're doing (unlike me). Going by all I've read, I believe I have everything set up properly. Do these speeds sound right?

I have DSL 3 Mbps down / 786 up (speed tests are telling me I get about 2447 kilobits per second down / 644 kilobits per second up) Does this sound okay?

Also, I have uploaded a bittorrent - Here are the readings I'm getting

Size 4.16GB

I'm currently the only seed

Of 16 peers, I'm currently connected to 10

My upload speed is averaging 76.8

Does that speed sound okay?

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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