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Slow download speed


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I am new to utorrent so please bear with me.

I started downloaded a torrent and was enjoying speeds up to 150kb/s. Now I am running at 5kb/s and it is avail 7.999

Why has the speed now lowered so much and how can i improve it??

What is the avail field for? Sorry I didnt check it when i was at the higher end of download speed.


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do u have a light green ball below ur utorrent there??

if not u have a yellow triangle or a red colour triangle.

mostly is u didnt port forward

to solve the problem u should visit


(help alot)

open a port for ur router/modem

uninstall any antivirus software

or u can open a port in ur antivirus software :)

dont forget to done the statis IP :)

good luck

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I have the green light (with the tick and saying network ok) and down the portforwarding this morning already. On the instructions it told me to disable the firewall and enbale the correcr port. Do I leave the firewall disabled or can i now enable it for protection

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