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Not Connectable


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I have read through all the guides and everything else I could find related to this.

I have port forwarded.

I have a static ip.

I have cleared it with my firewall.

I have uTorrent set up according to the speed guide.

It has been working beautifully for close to a month now. I formatted my pc last night, and when I went to download utorrent again I noticed the new web ui with a new beta. I tried it. And it wouldn't connect properly.

So I went back and got the stable version and it still won't connect. Any ideas?

What makes it odder is that one of the torrents i have is actually getting goods speeds while the rest are barely connecting...

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yup. i checked that after it wouldnt work properly the first time with the beta. I have switched back to the beta to see if it would decide to work now, but still no go. I can normally get 100+kB/s down and i'm getting 20kB/s and 7kB/s downloads. I have a kaspersky firewall and I added the premissions to use the port and to allow traffic on it, but still no go.


I just totally turned off the firewall and its working, so I have at least narrowed it to my firewall. But I allowed everything that I could. Is kaspersky known to have issues with utorrent, but I was using it before I formatted and it everything worked fine then too.

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