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I'm lazy... help me!!


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Ok, so I'm almost CERTAIN that there is already a thread for this issue somewhere, but... I'm lazy, and at the end of my burning, fraying rope!!

I have followed all the guides, I have accessed things I would never dream of accessing before (ie - my router, and DNS settings??)

I have reduced the IP range by one, so I can allocate myself a static IP, I have tried to open a port through the router for utorrent, but it is still coming up with errors. It keeps saying there are no connections, and I have never seen the colour green on the interface!! *sob*

I am not computer illiterate, I just need a complete walkthrough (that works!) *laugh*

Appreciate the help, trying to avoid the abuse - thanks guys!!

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I'm not sure what firewall I'm running... my antivirus program is Avast, and I have Spyware Terminator Shield running all the time which has blocked other programs in the past, but I don't have uTorrent in the block list (I checked)

The modem is a Speedstream, and the router is a D-Link DI-524UP. I am running a wireless network, so I don't have any hard connection to neither the modem, nor the router...

Thanks again for all your help, guys - tried everything I could think of, and was told to... now I'm just stuck!

Freaky thing is... had same sort of issues with brother-in-law and Azureus - but got his working fine! *frown* hehe

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Thanks Ultima, I'm almost certain you have better things to do than clean up after me! *laugh*

So... turns out the modem does have firewall settings and so forth, but I couldn't find the model on portforward.com... I'm not sure how the modem affects my ip settings and ports and so forth...? :-s

I mean, the gateway, and dns, and ip addresses are all completely different *frown*

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Ok... so goin' through the settings of the speedstream...

Should NAT only be enabled, or NAPT only, or both?

If both of them need to be enabled, do I then have to map my IP address with the modem?

Do I have to redirect TCP and UDP ports to my, now-static, IP address?

I have no idea what the "RIP" settings should be?

I'm confused as to whether my UPnP should be enabled or not...

Just a few questions, huh! *grin*

Thanks, though

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Actually, Ultima... guess what!! I redirected some ports to some sort of recommended IP, and... the port is open and I have a green tick!!

So... thank you very much for your help, this thing has been keeping me awake for the last fortnight! *laugh*

Appreciate it, love it, needed it - you are a GOD!

Another satisfied forum-er... *big smile*

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