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Hardware firewall vs. Software firewall


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I am using the comodo firewall an excellent firewall on the end of software

in other threads i have read how hardware firewalls are far superior in blocking and protecting your computer.

I have not used virus software for about 2 years now because i see a virus myself and remove it.

Now i have a DI-624 router(wireless from dlink) I wondering if i should attempt to use that and how i would use that to provide effective protection...Would i update the firmware? perhaps some links as well?

I also have an asus a8n sli se motherboard that appears to have hardware firewall capabilities not sure about this but if anyone knows anything plz provide links and comments.

Thanks for making a great light weight client that everyone can use.

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That ASUS board has an nForce chipset, so it comes comes with nVidia firewall, which worked horribly with µTorrent (though newer nForce drivers seemed to have fixed the problems). All you have to do is enable the firewall on your router, and you're set. It protects you from all incoming connections unless you explicitly allow it. You can't block outgoing connections using hardware firewall like with the usual software firewalls.

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