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Network OK (green light) but port shows as not open?


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Hello everyone.

I got a weird problem. First of all, I use a D-Link 624+ and set a static IP and forwarded my port. But here is the problem. I get the green light on utorrent. It says the network is OK. But if I test my port using the utorrent port checker, it sometimes says the port is open and sometimes it says the port does not appear to be open. If I reload that page, it will keep moving from open to not open.

I also have a problem I never seen before. Once I open utorrent and start my torrents, it seems to work fine. But then, after some time (like an hour), all arrows turn red and every tracker from every torrent reports offine (timed out).

Anyone have any idea what might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Linksys WRT54G (pre-v5) and WRT54GL (any version) have been fairly well-received around here, provided you use a custom firmware rather than the crap one Linksys provides (preferrably Thibor's version of the firmware).

Have you tried using the connection without the router, but by connecting your computer directly to the modem?

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