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increased memory Use


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okay I don't consider this a "problem" but more an observation

the utorrent website states on the front page "typically using less than 6MB of memory,"

in previous version this held pretty true.

since 1.6 I've been noticing it usually staying between 10 - 12Mb

now mind you this is still way way less than 99% of the other torrent clients out there.

how ever I bring it up just because it has me curious. is this normal behavior ? is the extra memory usage simply due to the new features added in recent additions?

am I the only on experiencing this?

and before anyone asks I see the same mem usage with a variety of settings, and anywhere from zero to 12 torrents in que.

the 10 - 12 Mb range seems pretty consistent for me.

As said, it's not like my system is about to run out of Memory, just seems like quite a jump, nearly double from previous versions.

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