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Okay, I did a search and it seemed to be considered a bug. Anyways, I would LOVE to see an option to allow multiple instances of utorrent running at the same time. Right now, I'm on 2 trackers and I like to give 1 tracker more of my bandwidth than the other tracker. The only way I am doing this is by running Azureus for 1 tracker and utorrent for the other tracker. Some things that would need to be changed: 1. Move the settings from %UserProfile%Application Data... to a subfolder of wherever the app is running. If it's running at C:utorrent then a subfolder would be created for the settings, maybe C:utorrentsettings or whatever. 2. Allow multiple instances of the same named utorrent.exe to run (Folder1utorrent.exe and Folder2utorrent.exe) or make the user rename the exe Folder1utorrent1.exe and Folder2utorrent2.exe). In either case, they'd still have to be in separate folders because of the settings subfolder.


Allow bandwidth limiting per tracker, not just per torrent. This idea might be tricky for the multi-tracker torrents though. But, if this option were taken, then you could group trackers. So, tracker1, tracker2 and tracker3 would be in group1 and group1 is limited to 30kB up and down. Tracker4 would be in group2 and group2 is limited to 20kB up and 300kB down. Tracker5 and tracker6 is in group3 and group3 is limited to 10kB up and down. Etc.

Let me know if any clarification is needed.


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