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Possible to run two "sessions" of uTorrent at once?


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I'm wanting to run two copies of uTorrent along-side each other because I'd like to have different RSS feeds in each one that'll run at different max speeds and then copy the completed files to different places, depending on the feed and/or if it was added manually which I'm unable to do (I think) on a single running copy, sure I could do this manually via the single torrent properties, but that would defeat the object of using the rss feeds to get it whilst I'm not there.

I don't think this is possible at the moment to do (running two side-by-side) as the config files store in a (?non-changeable) location, and when running a separate utorrent.exe file, it just brings the already running one into focus, but I thought I'd check anyway, just to see if there's any switches to configure these things.

Sorry for my English, not a first language, and thank you for this great torrent client!

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