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Router Problems


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I have a Netgear WPN824, and I am having troubles with it. Whenever I go to port forward my computer through my router it will work for a day or so before the setting suddenly disappears from the router's settings. But when I try to reenter the same port, I get a message saying that this port is already in use even though uTorrent will no longer go through this port. The router remembers me setting the port, but will not let me use it and does not show in the list.

Now this problem has gotten worse. Even when I forward the port I set in uTorrent, I still cannot get incoming connections and the uTorrent Speedtesat says the port is not reachable. I am thinking my router is broken, but I would really like some help. Thanks!

Windows XP Home Edition

Trend Micro (turned off when I use uTorrent so this should not be a problem)

directly connected to router (Netgear WPN824)

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