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Problem with the speed (what an unusual topic for this forum :D)


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I've been using uTorrent for about week or two, and it always got me nice speeds (50-60-70 K's - being used to eMule, these speeds are like heaven for me).

2-3 days ago i started downloading a file (at the time, it was the only file), but it's so freakin' slow! it's a pretty popular file (more seeds than what i've downloaded before that). I started playing a bit with the tracker list but i later changed it back to the way it was before.

Yesterday i've added another popular download (even more popular than the first) but it still stuck on low speeds (15 k's (combined) if i'm lucky).

I havn't made any changes in the settings orf something.. any suggestions?

another question - in the tracker list it says to "separate tiers with an empty line" - what does that mean?


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If there is no line separating trackers, µTorrent will use the adjacent trackers as backup trackers for each other, meaning it will only connect to the tracker if adjacent trackers in the "block" are not working. Unless you understand more deeply how it works, you shouldn't mess with the tracker lists.

Do you still have a green network status light?

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i have a green V in the bottom (but few hours ago there was a "!" there).

the speeds are a bit better now (20-30) , but still - not what you've expected from popular files (the first file is still on lame speeds such as 3-4 k's).

and about the tracker list, (if i understand you well), it should be something like that:








am i right?

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