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Five possible improvements for column display:

If "ETA While Seeding" is important, it really needs to have its own column. I'm guessing most users are confounded by the current ETA column, or anoyed by its reduced usefulness due to conflation. (Separating the ETA functions would also help satisfy those who would prefer dedicated seeds to be listed separately.)

Currently the columns seem arbitrarily aligned -- some to the left, some to the right. I would like to group my displayed columns visually, but the arbitrary alignment limits my options. A good solution would be to align all columns to the left, and make spacer-columns available.

The direction of the column toggle arrows seems inconsistent and unconventional. With the apex of the arrow/triangle on top (and base on bottom) I believe the top-to-bottom listing order should be: small to large (quantities); early to later (dates); and A to Z (alphabetical order). According to this rationale, the current 'bandwidth allocation' column arrow is upside-down, as is 'name', 'added on' and possibly others...

A second order sorting functionality would be useful. For example, if I click the column for size, then the colum for tracker, I would like to see the tracker listing sub-grouped by size, rather than alphabetically.

I would also like the tracker column to automatically not display any 'www.' prefixes, because one of my trackers gets listed in two places; and it would save on display space in any event.

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