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Just commenced using utorrent today and have resolved my speed issues (I think). I have been on the Bittorrent client for a while but was having problems - it failed repeatedly to resume one of my downloads after a restart, and while it was hung in this process the client was killing my system resources. So I migrated across: and utorrent seems stabler and more streamlined.

Then I had the standard noob speed troubles. I am in a country where 256/64 connection is the standard, so the settings I had to settle on seemed a little counter-intuitive. Now, at one point during all of this I decided to just go back to the old client, only it notifies me that there is now a new version and that I should upgrade. Which I did. Only all my .torrent files were stored in the program folder for my old client (seemed like a good idea at the time). So they just got wiped off the disk during the re-installation. Luckily, utorrent had copied them.

Anyway, I'm up and running utorrent again, I've fixed the settings and I'm pretty satisfied with the speed - but I wanted to know, will there be any consequences for my shuffling back and forth between clients? Nothing seemed to really work again under my old one, but like I say, it was having massive difficulties resuming one particular torrent. Then it reported a high global download speed, but without being able to tell me that any file was receiving. Anyway, all my current downloads are showing and moving in utorrent, I just don't know whether there will be problems later.


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