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upload speed way too slow...


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i've been using µtorrent for quite a while and I've noticed that the upload speed has become quite slow with the lastest versions...

I did a test:

I uploaded a torrent to 4 peers

on that same torrent, µtorrent reached a steady 32kB/s upload speed and Bittornado reached a steady 100kB/s!!!

so I switched back to µtorrent again and... 32kB/s again!

no other program interfered with the upload at all times and yes, tahnks, my firewall is fine

of course, my prefs are set to upload on 5 slots and to add more slots if the upload speed drops. My global upload speed is set to "no limit"

so u see: I don't really know what more I should do to fix this annoying problem

I use v1.6

anyone has an idea?

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i did that already

besides, just read what i wrote:

4 peers

5 slots (per torrent)

global rate to unlimited

this torrent rate to unlimited

no other torrents or downloads/uploads running

the very basic wizard can't do any better than that

problem is µtorrent is cool cause it does not use a lot of ressources, allowing us to do whatever we want besides sharing, but there's not munch of a point if we have to run another BT client at the same time for the files we upload

and of course, u have to switch clients for a torrent when it's done downloading and u want to keep uploading at a descent rate!

also, if my upload speed isn't optimal, then my download speed isn't either...

1 it's a BIG problem when u upload files and are the 1rst seeder (witch I do a lot)

2 I would no doubt download faster if µtorrent was able to upload more efficiently

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oops: sorry, I deleted my previous comment before I could read ur answer... because i agree with you: it can't be intentionnal!

Don't get me wrong, if I use µtorrent (and I've been since like v1.2) it's because I quite like it : It's just a good client without any bullshit in it and it never interferes with any other application

To come back to the subject, I don't doubt I could easily max my upload too on a torrent with more than 20 peers

I'm mostly on very private trackers in witch 50 peers on a torrent is pretty rare but the speed are very very high and there are a lot of new torrents everyday

Then u see, when you're uploading a torrent to less than 10 peers it becomes really hard to get to upload at the max of what u could

I've always believed it was because the peers had others torrents running, ect... because on large torrents I also max out my connection

and then I did the test with bittornado...

ok: bitttornado is real champion of upload and always have been

but still, between 32 and 100 kB/s there's a BIG difference

I'd really like to get this fixed an I'll welcome any suggestion

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