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Availability and Downloaded Status Graph Scale/Zoom/Pan


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[Didn't know if this should go in UI or Feature Request. Apologies if this is actually the wrong forum.]

Basically this concept comes straight out of my dayjob editing video where scaling or zooming into linear tracks (mainly audio so you can spot details, place cuts, sync edits, etc.) is a common, quick, useful thing.

When I'm downloading particularly large torrents with lots of pieces, sometimes the resampling of the status display bars obscures or even hides the color or shade of individual pieces or groups of pieces, even with the client maximized on a not-so-tiny screen. I've always wanted to be able to zoom in closer to and slide around sections of the availability/downloaded graphs (scale and region matched between the two while moving) in the same kind of way I zoom and scroll audio tracks and video layers in edit packages. (Think magnifying-glass plus/minus cursors + region select, then hand cursor to get an idea for the behavior.)

Granted, might be too much work to implement for such little benefit, I may be alone in wanting to be able to see that data more clearly. If the graph is only meant to be a rough overview, I'd understand not wanting to spend the effort adding this function.

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